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What is CCNC, Inc.?

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to manage the Digital Trunked Radio System for public safety radio operability and interoperability among first responders across Colorado to better serve our citizens. 

The Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado, Inc. (CCNC) is the user and managing organization of the Statewide Digital Trunked Radio System Network (DTRS). The State of Colorado began discussions with local governments in 1992 on a wide area system that users could utilize as primary communications or for inter-agency communications. Plans were developed but funding in the early 1990's became the issue.

Today’s DTR System began to truly evolve in 2001 where it grew from a shared system between two counties. The Statewide Digital Trunked Radio System today is a standards based (APCO Project 25) radio system and currently has several different manufacturers producing tiered radio solutions for the user community. The DTR System is a tremendous example of a successful State and Local technical project. CCNC is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation founded in 2002.

To find out more information about DTRS, visit The State of Colorado's Office of Information Technology website.


Colorado Interoperability Training

The Governor's Office of Information Technology, through a grant, has developed several radio interoperability training courses.

These courses are designed to train users on the basics of interoperability, system design, and knowledge specific to interoperability amomg regions of the state of Colorado.

All three courses are self-study and require an account on the CO.TRAIN website.

Course Titles:

Colorado Interoperability Training - Module 1 - Radio 101

Colorado Interoperability Training - Module 2 - Interoperability Basics

Colorado Interoperability Training - Module 3 - Colorado Interoperability

Also available is:

Colorado Interoperability CCNC Overview Training



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