Education and Training


CCNC recognizes the importance of fostering continued training and learning opportunities for all positions working in public safety.  We are developing a training program that will offer these opportunities and make them available throughout the State of Colorado.  We will also provide information to you on training and educational events throughout the country.

We have separated the state by regions so that classes are more assessable to all users.  There is also a scholarship program available for some who may need financial assistance for travel or registration costs.

Do you provide training to public safety workers?  Do you have an idea of what kind of training session you would be interested in?   Please email your suggestions to Jim Spratlen, Training Committee Chairperson.

To view what is available near, please visit your region's page by following the links below. 

        Northwest Region         Northeast Region 
Southwest Region      Southeast Region          Metro Region 

Other Training Resources Around the State

DHSEM: IP Section | DHSEM Training Dashboard


FEMA National Emergency Training Center General Admissions Application

FEMA Student Identification System

FEMA National Training and Education Division Catalog

Request a course through DHSEM


**  “Posted training and information is vetted through the CCNC Training Committee, SMEs, and the State Office of Public Safety Communications (where applicable) with final approval by the Executive Director of the region. Local input is a priority on the content posted.”


CCNC has a Scholarship Program to assist CCNC members with educational and professional development in the industry. There are two (2) types of scholarships in this program. One scholarship assists with the registration cost for professional development training. There is also a scholarship available for members in rural areas of the state that request assistance with the cost of travel for those working in rural areas that must travel to training events and professional development training. The applicant must complete the scholarship request that best fits their needs.

Any questions can be directed to CCNC Administration.