Advanced System Keys

Advanced System Keys

The System Key Application and Agreement need to be fully completed prior to submission. Once all criteria is met, personnel from the State of Colorado OIT will present it to the CCNC Executive Board for final approval.

CCNC Board Members in working with the State of Colorado OIT DTRS Program Manager is nearing completion of a new Advanced System Key Training Program. This training and approval program may change based upon technological advances, governance needs, and policy changes by CCNC and the SOC. Contact the State of Colorado OIT DTRS Program Manager, the CCNC Executive Board, or CCNC Regional Representative for the latest policy.

The State of Colorado (SOC) uses an advanced radio system to provide mission critical two way voice communications to thousands of public safety responders and other governmental organizations across the state. In keeping with Best Practices of technology, network security and system performance, it is critical that all DTRS users comply with CCNC and SOC policies. This is particularly critical for system key holders in order to ensure that the system maintains high availability, remains reliable, and consistently performs at the highest possible level for the participating agencies.

An ‘Advanced System Key’ (ASK) is a specialized hardware device used in programming subscriber equipment (radios.) The ASK has predefined security and permissions to prevent unauthorized use of software, programming information, and radio types that access the State of Colorado Digital Trunked Radio Systems (DTRS). As ASK may be provided once a user shows sufficient training, competence in radio programming, demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the system and knowledge of the policies governing such. The term ‘agency’ applies to an agency, company, organization, or entity for the purposes of this document.

A holder of an ASK is held to the highest standards in order to ensure the integrity of the system, the radio equipment, and the first responders that rely on a radio in performance of their duty. Thus, it is of great importance that proper training, authorization, and oversite be held to the highest standards.

CCNC intends to implement this training program in 2020.

For immediate Advanced System Key information, please contact Pam Monsees, State of Colorado, OIT.

CCNC does not provide Advanced System Key Hardware.

Those wishing to receive a programming key will need to purchase the hardware from the specific radio manufacturer (i.e. Motorola, Harris, Tait, Kenwood, etc.) or from another system key hardware provider.

Once the hardware is ready to be programmed and the key application has been approved, the key holder will need to make arrangements with the DTRS System Administrator to have the hardware programmed.

Send completed applications to:

Pam Monsees
State of Colorado
Office of Public Safety Communications
15055 South Golden Road
Golden, CO  80401