Users wishing to participate in the Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado, Inc. (CCNC)/ Colorado Statewide Digital Trunked Radio System should complete the “COLORADO STATEWIDE DIGITAL TRUNKED RADIO (DTR) SYSTEM INITIAL PARTICIPATION APPLICATION”  and either the “COLORADO STATEWIDE DIGITAL TRUNKED RADIO (DTR) SYSTEM PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT or the “COLORADO STATEWIDE DIGITAL TRUNKED RADIO (DTR) SYSTEM PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT FOR TRIBAL AGENCIES”. Each agency must apply individually and not on another’s behalf. Example: The County dispatch center applies on its behalf and the agencies they dispatch for. Each agency must complete the Initial Participation Application and apply individually.

New Users will be classified as User Agencies if their primary source of communications will be the Statewide DTR System or as an Associate Member if your system usage is for Interoperability with User Agencies or Mutual Aid Communications only.

To ensure compliance with CCNC rules and by-laws and to properly coordinate Subscriber ID and talkgroup assignments on the Statewide DTR System, the CCNC Technical Committee will coordinate these assignments for the initial integration of the agency. This will include agency specific talkgroups as well as standard Mutual Aid talkgroups that are available. Any additional outside agency’s talkgroup requests must have written authorization from that agency.

Upon receiving the talkgroup assignments, subscriber profiles and authorizations, contact an agency authorized to program subscribers for the CCNC. The agency will need to discuss the talkgroup/channel layout for their subscribers and the available features and functions to be included in their programming template. The type and model of the subscribers will also need to be provided.

A schedule to program and activate the agencies subscribers can then be established. Programming Agencies shall contact the State of Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology to have the subscriber ID’s activated in the proper Zone Controller. Subscriber ID’s will only be activated if CCNC has received and approved the agency’s User Application and the Participation Agreement.
Primary Membership - Any agency that uses the DTRS as it’s primary means of dispatch and day to day communications are considered and primary member of CCNC.
Associate Member - Any agency who uses the DTRS of Interoperablity with user agencies or Mutual Aid Communications only.