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Mark Wolf Receives the 2020 Emery Reynolds Lifetime Achievement Award

The Public Safety Communications Subcommittee is pleased and honored to present the 2020
Emery Reynolds Lifetime Achievement Award to Mark Wolf.

Mark has a lengthy and admirable life of public service that began in his high school years,
when he joined the California Cadet Corps during his senior year. Mark attended the LAPD
police academy with the intent to become an officer upon his high school graduation. Mark
deviated slightly from his planned path and enlisted in the US Army in 1974, while in his senior
year of high school. He served in active duty from 1975-1978.

In October 1982, Mark began serving the citizens of the City of Glendale Police Department as
a sworn officer. He served in the capacity of patrol officer, detective, sergeant, and lieutenant.
Mark left sworn service in October, 1998 and returned in 1999 as a technician. He guided the
Glendale PD through many changes, including moving to a new Records Management System,
installation and management of new telephone systems, ensuring the department remained on
the cutting edge of radio technology, and representing the Glendale PD on numerous statewide
committees. Through Marks hard work and dedication to improvement, Glendale was one of the
first jurisdictions in the state to implement text-to-911. One of Marks final major
accomplishments was full implementation and integration of the Glendale Dispatch Center as a
part of the Arapahoe Countywide consolidated Computer Aided Dispatching system.
As described by Glendale PD command staff, Mark has always been a quiet professional,
willing to take on tasks that were daunting to others and accomplishing them effectively and
efficiently. His expertise in the field of public safety answering points was recognized locally,
regionally, nationally and internationally as he has lectured on the subject at every level.
Mark became involved in the Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado, Inc. in the
late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. He was one of the many stakeholders that attended
development meeting to write the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws.
When CCNC was incorporated in 2002, the City of Glendale became an active member.
From 2002 to 2019, Mark held various positions within CCNC, from Operations Committee
Chairperson to President. He participated with many others to develop the policy and
procedures, the application process and many other corporate documents in place today.
Much of what Mark did during his participation in CCNC could not have been accomplished
without the strong support from the City of Glendale and the close working ties with agencies at
all levels of government for the operability and interoperability of public safety communications
across Colorado.

Mark served on the CCNC Executive Board beginning in 2013. He was elected as Vice
President in 2014, and was elected President in February 2016, serving in that position until his
formal resignation on June 5, 2020.

Mark took interest in the PSCS when legislation created the Consolidated Communications
Systems Authority (CCSA). He regularly attended meetings as a guest. The first Public Safety
Radio Summit was developed and hosted by the CCSA and held at the Denver PPA Event
Center near Mile High Stadium. The second day of the Summit at the conclusion many
attendees met with Kevin Klein to discuss who should be on what would become the PSCS.
The last CCSA meeting was June of 2014 and the first PSCS meeting was July 10,
2014, where Mark began serving as the the CCNC Metro Region representative. Mark
assumed the daunting task of editing duties for the 2015 PSCS Annual Report. You
could count the number of meetings Mark was not present physically and actively
engaged on one hand and at the meetings he could not attend he made certain that he
had a Proxy. He was involved in every Radio Summit including the 2020 Summit right
up to his medical leave and even then he assisted us by providing information
desperately needed.

Mark also served on the Department of Homeland Security All Hazards
Communications Subcommittee for the North Central Region/Urban Area Security
Initiative, and was Chairperson of the committee from 2016 to 2018.
Marks decades of public service are unmatched. He has made his voice heard loudly
for all things related to and in support of public safety communications. His knowledge
and experience are missed. The PSCS wishes to extend our humble thanks to Mark for
his years of service and sacrifice, and to his family for their sacrifice and support of
Mark during his tenure.