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CCNC Amends and Adopts Strict Policy Changes to Member Rights and Responsibilities! 

The Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado (CCNC) has spent a good portion of 2022 reviewing and updating Chapter 10-Member Rights and Responsibilities of the CCNC Policies & Procedures. The policies are of the utmost importance!  The amendments and updates were formally adopted in August. A portion of the policy is outlined below:


“Due to the potential risk and related severity of a breach of security of the Public Safety Radio infrastructure, it is mandatory that the most current “MOTO Patches” be pushed out through the network by the DTR System Engineers on a monthly basis, between the first day of every month and through the fifteenth day of every month. In order for all of the above defined hardware attached to the DTR System, such as workstations, logging recorder devices, console equipment, AIS and other windows operating subsystems be in a ready state to accept, install and implement the monthly patches, all defined devices shall be restarted monthly between the 16th day of every month and the last day of every month.


If a breach of network security caused by a malicious virus, mal-ware, trojan, bot, or any other network security breach is traced to a device not in compliance with this Section 10.7, the device will be immediately disabled from the system and all costs related to any interruption in delivery of public safety communications to any CCNC member agency, all damages, and full costs of recovery of the public safety communications network will be borne by the violating agency.”


Official steps and procedures are instituted for agency users who fail or repeatedly fail to restart the appropriate hardware between the 16th day of every month and the last day of every month, posing a threat or risk to the public safety communications systems. 


Agencies are required to strictly follow all procedures and provide a signed copy of the Statement of Understanding to CCNC.  Links to Chapter 10 of Policy & Procedure Manual and the Statement of Understanding are below.  You will find the complete Policy and Procedure Manual on the Applications & User Documents Page.




STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING Please sign and return by following this link to the CCNC ADMINISTRATION office.